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Sick of spam? I nowe I am so lets get rid of spam off the Internet, how by going to one of the links below.

Why do I hate spam so much?

I consider junk email to be an offensive intrusion into my life.   To me it's as if they keep posting me all this junk mail such as flyers advertising their various lame products and scams, day after day.  Spammers make their living by stealing resources that don't belong to them in the first place, wasting my time and money.  When you multiply the amount of damage they do by the millions of people that they spam every day, you can see that it becomes a huge problem very quickly.  A example is if a news paper was to be posted on a daily basis 7 days a weak through your door for one month whilst you were on holiday, wen you got home you would have trouble getting in.

Spam disproportionately affects disabled email users. For blind or sight-impaired users who employ a speech-synthesis device to read email, spam represents additional time delay in accessing information. For mobility-impaired users, deleting excess email and weeding out spam may be difficult or painful. Finally, spam decreases the utility of email-enabled text pagers used by deaf persons for immediate remote communications. 

Tip On Tracing Spam - Who do you complain to?

Complain to the ISP the spam was sent from, the ISP whose server it passed through, the ISP of any web site advertized in the spam, and the ISP of any "dropbox" email address you find in the spam body that the spammer wants replies or 'removes' sent to.

The "Received:" lines are the only reliable lines in the email header. They form a list of servers through which the message traveled to reach your ISP. The "Received" line can not be forged after the point where it was injected. Up to that point, there may be forgeries. You need to look for the hand-offs from one 'Received' line to the next. 

These are a good place to learn about spam and what to do about it check them out.

Note Dyslexia Health Education Association disclaim any warranty as to the results that may be obtained of any use from the links out side of Dyslexia Health Education Association.  User expressly agrees that use of out side links is at user's sole risk. - Free spam reporting - Filtering - Information
The ROKSO database is a register of known hard-line spam operations
The SBL is a free DNS-based database of IP addresses of spam sources (spammers, spam gangs and spam support services)
SpamCon Foundation
Euro Cauce Fighting European Spam
UXN Spam Combat
Spam Recycling Center
Help Stamp Out Spamming

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