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Photo Pictured left to right:
Richard Coulson, George Greener, Pat McCann, Bob McMillan.
Photo By: Herald & Post

Release Date
Evening Gazette
PDF In Brief Group meets 12/06/1994Image Only
PDF New group to help dyslexics day/10/1993Image Only
PDF Group aims to provide vital help 08/07/1993Image Only
PDF The new group that aims to help end the misery of dyslexiaImage Only
PDF Group to help with reading 06/07/1993Image Only
PDF Support group for dyslexics 19/06/1993Image Only
PDF Thatcher is too vague November 1987Image Only
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Herald & Post
PDF Group handed a cheque 15/03/1995Image Only
PDF Dyslexia public talk 28/06/1995Image Only
PDF Dyslexia donations 24/05/1995Image Only
PDF Dyslexic Support 07/07/1993Image Only
PDF Help For Dyslexics 23/06/1993Image Only
PDF New Dyslexia Group Launch 13/10/1993Image Only
PDF A Support Group For Dyslexics 07/07/1993Image Only
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The Northern Echo
PDF In Brief Dyslexia Meeting 13/04/1994Image Only
PDF New group for dyslexics 17/06/1993Image Only

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Please Contact us and request a text version of the File if possible.  Sorry but it may not be possible for a text version.

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