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At Present there is a few Donors and Sponsors for Dyslexia Health Education Association, But the mane funding is off the Founder and WebMaster Gary Lambert.  If you want to make a Donation or Sponsor D.H.E.A. Please Contact: 

Mr Gary Lambert, 
Dyslexia Health Education Association.
36 Rickman House, 
Central Mews, 
Gurney Street, 
Teesside,  TS1 1JZ
United Kingdom. 


Tel: +44 (0)870 8965299 

Monday to Friday 6 pm to 8 pm 

If your col is out of ours you can leave a message. 
Please leave your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

If sending a cheque or postal order please make it payable to: 
Gary Lambert and make certain that they are 'crossed for Payee only'. 

Regrets that D.H.E.A. are unable to accept donations by credit card. 

Running costs for 2006

£ 120.00p    Web Hosting 
£ 216.00p    Broadband Connection 
£  48.00p     Electricity 
£ 100.00p    Technical Support 
£ 484.00p    Subtotal 

£ 600.00p    New PC
£1084.00p   Total

  • Dolphin donated £100.00 in 2005 to help with running costs.  Thank you Dolphin for the donation.
  • Annual running costs for: 
  • 2006 - £1084.00p
  • 2005 - £420.00p

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    Please consider supporting Dyslexia Health Education Association to help us to keep this web site Free, if you are willing to make a donation, Please yews PayPal it's fast, free and secure! Thank you.

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