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Famous Dyslexics
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Famous Dyslexics Pages:

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Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Cher, George Burns, henry winkler, Whopi Goldberg,  Walter Elias Disney, Alexander Graham Bell, Leonardo DeVinci, Thomas Alva Edison, General Patton, Woodrow Wilson.
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Danny Glover, Fred Astaire, George Bush Senior, Michael Hesletine, Henry Ford, Hans Christian Anderson, Harvey Cushing, Pablo Picasso, Stonewall Jackson, Enrico Caruso, Auguste Rodin, Michael Faraday.
Page 3
Mackenzie Thorpe, Jamie Oliver, Sir Richard Branson, Sir Steve Redgrave, Zoë Wanamaker, Richard Rogers, Jackie Stewart, David Bailey, Brian Conley, Eddie Izzard, James Whale, Lee Ryan.
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Michael "Atters" Attree,

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