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Advertise on Dyslexia Health Education Association for a low cost to you!, and help keep D.H.E.A.  free and running.

The banner advertising space is not done through:

  • CPM - Cost per thousand impressions (banner ad views)
  • CPC - Cost per Clickthrough (every time someone clicks on the banner)
  • CPA - Cost per Action (sign ups, filled out forms, purchases, clicks)
  • ROI - Return on Investment 
The adverts are done through a annual basics at:
468 x 60 Pixels (Full Banner) pear year at £100
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125 x 125 Pixels (Square Button) pear year at £70
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120 x 60  Pixels (Oblong Button) pear year at £ 30
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Demo Banner 468 x 60
For Just £100 pear year

Demo Banner 125 x 125
For Just £70 pear year
Demo Banner 120 x 60
For Just £30 pear year

The banners will be placed on 100 pages at leest and possibly a lot more at the web masters discretion.

The maximum banner size 20kb. The banners will be on a rotation for 1 year.

The banner rotation system is at present a JavaScript banner system, but soon it will be a  CGI Scripts just a plane simple set of CGI Scripts, so no you will not be able to targeting by domain, keyword searches, browsers, operating systems etc, and you will not be able to login and upload, you need to send your banner with a text description and the link that you want it linking to.

If you are intrested in having a banner advert on the site please send an e-mail please note D.H.E.A. will not accept illegal or material which is obscene, threatening, menacing, offensive, defamatory, abusive, or inappropriate for this web site.

If your banner is exceptavle after you have sent the check or paid by the PayPal service and cleared, your banner will be put up for 1 year.

Special offer for 468 x 60 Pixels banners only if you put D.H.E.A. on yor web site for one year, you will get a Free 468 x 60 Pixels banner on 100 pages at leest for one year, but if the web master finds out that you have removed the D.H.E.A. banner off yor web site before one year is up, you will be liable for the full cost of the banner at £100  To get this special offer you must have a valid office address vat has ben in existence for 5 years at least, and a valid phone number and last but not least a valid email address with the url's of the pages that the banner will be on.

This is the banner to put on your web site, Below is the banner HTML code which you need to copy into your site's web pages.  Place this code right after the upper BODY tag of your HTML page. 

Dyslexia Health Education is on Dyslexia, Health, Education, and a lot more as well check it out and see for your self at

Copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V) the code below into your site's page(s).


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